Stay Connected with the Confluence Conference

Whether one understands what digital marketing is or not, the Confluence Conference opens a world of new possibilities.

Unique in Oklahoma City, the Confluence is one of the biggest digital marketing events in the region, including Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas, said David Christopher, a member of the organizing committee of the conference and director of inbound marketing at BigWing Interactive.

The committee decide to move and to split the even from a Saturday to two weekdays to encourage professionals to come.” It is easier for the attendees to travel professionally during a weekday”, Christopher said.

Oriented toward bloggers and influencers, the conference was created three years ago to help the community to connect with each other and learn from social media professionalsThis year the conference takes another dimension with the presence of 17 speakers, all experts in their domains, including Steven Mann, branding speaker and CEO at AbleBrains.

Mann’s speech is “Wiring your consumer’s brain”, a how to speech on influencing the non-conscious in consumers through digital marketing. Further, the main types of digital marketing are discussed: research marketing, content marketing, keynote advertising, digital branding and analytics.

Two hundred attendees are expected at the event. Primarily, composed of bloggers and journalists, who want learn how to reach a broader audience. Other attendees include, but not limited to, business owners, non-profits workers, and students. “The force of this conference is to propose great, recognized speakers, (local, national or international) while remaining accessible in comparison to the other digital conferences in the United States”, Christopher said.

“The conference puts OKC on the map for digital marketing,” said Kyle Elrod, Chairman of the Confluence Conference and SEO Specialist with BigWing Interactive. “We also use the conference to promote the great things that OKC has going on. It is a way to show off everything this city has going for it.”

The event takes place from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday and Friday at Lyric Theater Plaza in Oklahoma City. At the end of each seminar day, participants are encouraged to network and enjoy a beer at Fassler Hall on Thursday and Plaza District on Friday.


The Rise of Digital Market

Digital marketing emerged at the beginning of the 90’s with the beginning of the internet and has grown exponentially to a 13.3 billion dollar industry in the United States for the first quarter of 2015, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PWC US.

Evolution of digital marketing in USA since 1996.source IAB/PWC 2015

“Brand marketers need to be where the consumers are – and as of today, that is unquestionably on digital,” said Sherrill Mane, the Senior Vice President of Research Analytics and Measurement at IAB.

The rapidity of the expansion of the digital market is obvious when one observes the development of the fastest growing digital marketing and advertising companies, such as BigWing. In five years, the Oklahoma City company has increased from 2 to 42 employees, according to Christopher.

“I feel that as social media from a business standpoint has changed so drastically over the past few years that strategies are much different”, said Casey Cornett, speaker and director of social media at VI Marketing and Branding.

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