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Bienvenue in Oklahoma! ep1: Laurent Massenat

More than 160,000 French people live in the USA, especially in the big cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Houston and New York. Only 208 of them live in Oklahoma. Laurent Massenat, an engineer, artist and businessman, is living since 23 years in Oklahoma…

Pause Café Podcast: Challenges in Africa with Arcanjo Wacunzo

Arcanjo Wacunzo is a former London South Bank Student Ambassador, excellence education award winner, a chemical petroleum engineer, entrepreneur and social activist. Podcast available on Itunes.  

Pause Café Podcast: Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson

David began his journey of Yoga in 1969 when he and his brother Doug practiced in a small park at the end of their street in Houston, Texas. There were few sources for yoga at that time so they practiced from whatever books they…


10 Facts About Monarch Butterflies